how to dispose animation controller in flutter


I have a question like before disposing my controller do i need to call_controller.stop();

My code:-

AnimationController _controller;
void initState()
    _controller = AnimationController(duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 700), vsync: this);
    _controller.repeat(reverse: true);

this animation is for showing a heart just like we tap on like on instagram and then heart increases its size and reduces.

code for tapping on heart button:-

onTap: ()=>controlUserLikePost(),



So, my question:-

  void dispose()
    _controller.stop();//do i need to call it as well?
    super.dispose();// and does it matter if i dispose the controller before this line or after this line.


You don’t have to stop it before disposing it, unless you want to stop the animation at a certain point. But regarding disposing it safely, just use _controller.dispose().

However, it must be before the super.dispose(), not after, this is important.

Answered By – Huthaifa Muayyad

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