how to display properly single value from a StreamBuilder 'Cloud Firestore'


i have data stored in filds like so => image

i have followed the documentation, the data just refuses to show for some reason.

it looks somthing like this

                  builder: (context, snapshot) {....}

and then

 if (snapshot.connectionState == {
                  print([0]['User Email']); 

note: the stream works fine but im assuming this happening coz of the way im calling it the

how can i properly call them ?


I think it is because of the [0].
When you read just one of the documents, refer to:


and if you will read more then one you can use this:

 CollectionReference users = FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection('users');

    return new ListView(
      children: document) {
        return new ListTile(
          title: new Text(['full_name']),
          subtitle: new Text(['company']),

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