How to count records in sqlite db table using moor_flutter package?


How do I count all rows in a table and get number of rows as a result using the moor_flutter package?

I have seen moor_flutter official documentation here but I can’t find what I’m looking for.

I was hoping it would be like the function below according to the similarities in crud functions when using the moor_flutter package but it is not working either.

Future<int<Person>> countPersons() => count(persons).get();


I figured out a way to find count of table rows. Here is a complete solution with basic comments,

//Create expression of count
var countExp =;

//Moor creates query from Expression so, they don't have value unless you execute it as query.  
//Following query will execute experssion on Table.
final query = selectOnly(persons)..addColumns([countExp]);
var result = await =>;

Please note that I have used selectOnly instead of select because I am not interested in any column except Count.

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