How to change uploader if my Google account was removed by accident?


I have had Gmail account, which I wanted to close and I wanted to make a new one because of the account (and email address) name. I have maintained a project hosted on GitHub and I were publishing to Pub. But after I had removed the old Gmail and had made a new one, I found out that I couldn’t publish changes and new versions to my project anymore. I forgot to change uploader to a new one before closing the old Gmail account, which can’t be reopenned back.

I can prove, that I am an owner of the GitHub source assigned to the project in Pub, but I can not prove, that I am the holder of the closed Gmail account (unless the account would be restored and I could access it by using my old password).

Could anybody help me?


According to the advice from Günter Zöchbauer I wrote the new issue 23257, which solved my problem.

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