How to allow popup menu to go outside application window bounds in flutter desktop?


I don’t even think this is possible but, what I’m looking for is to allow the showMenu() popup to go beyond the application window.

Currently, I’m using:

    context: context,
    items: <PopupMenuEntry>[
        value: 1,
        child: Row(
          children: const <Widget>[
    position: RelativeRect.fromLTRB(0, 0,0,0),

Simply changing the position field to be below the height bounds of the application window doesn’t work for me.

Edit: I do know that it is possible with a C# desktop app where a dropdown popup can go outside the bounds of the application window, so I figured flutter could do this as well.


Currently Flutter only supports a single window, so there’s no way to do this from Dart at the moment.

If it’s a critical feature for your application, you would need to build a plugin that shows a native popup. The menu’s UI would need to be native as well, unless you bring up a second Flutter engine just to draw it.

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