How set provider to only one type of data in flutter?


    class UserProvider extends ChangeNotifier {
          UserLoginModel userLoginModel = UserLoginModel();
                UserLoginModel get userdata {
         return userLoginModel;

           void addlogindata(UserLoginModel data) {
          userLoginModel = data;

How to set data to this class using api or UserLoginModel through function
i want to set data like this

  if (response.statusCode == 200) {
  var data = UserLoginModel.fromJson(jsonDecode(response.body)); userprovider.addlogindata(data);

bur i am getting error by doing this kind of thing


var data=Provider.of<UserProvider>(context,listen:false);
var newdata=data.addlogindata(responsedata);

that work perfectly for me and now i can use that data anywhere in the app

Answered By – Ali Hassan

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