How practical is it to have some JS libraries to be an asset in a dart program?


Hello Dart Community,
I am curious to know the practicality of using a javascript library (say a visualizing js like D3.js, etc) within your dart app?

I currently am building an app that tries to take data and do some analytics. To do this, I would like to visualize the data clearly.

I know there is js dart interop.

Does this have a good enough functionality to be used in communicating with a robust JS library? What is the catch?



This is used a lot. Just take a look on the questions here on SO . It’s not too comfortable currently but thre is work going on to make a better developer experience.
There are Dart packages that provide wrappers for d3.js. I have no idea how well they work though:

At least the code can give you and idea how to use d3 from Dart.

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