how do you send a get request to get dropbox access token in flutter, I am finding it really tricky to get the get request working


I am quite new to flutter and have been struggling a lot with http post and get request, if you could please help me write the http get request to get the access token, it would be amazing. I am developing an android application, how do I get a redirect link that leads back to it?


A simple https call can be made through the http package. First, declare your import of the package at the top of your dart file:

import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;

Here is a general http get call:

var apiResponse = await http.get(
String responseBody = apiResponse.body;

This returns the response body as a string, which you can then JSON-decode to query through the objects in the response.

Here is an example of a HTTP Post:

var httpPost = await
   headers: {<MAP-OF-HEADERS-HERE>},
   body: json.encode(<String, dynamic>{<MAP-OF-BODY-HERE>}),
 var jsonPostResponse = jsonDecode(httpPost);

What you’re describing with Dropbox and a redirect link sounds more like OAuth2. You can read more about how OAuth2 works here, and there’s even a Flutter package to help with integrating it available here.

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