How do I set up navigator using Getx and Auto Route?


I am having trouble setting up navigation using GetX and AutoRoute.

Code Setup:
According to the GetX documentation, if you want to use GetX navigation you have to replace MaterialApp() with GetMaterialApp(). You also set the routes.

void main() {
      initialRoute: '/',
      getPages: [
        GetPage(name: '/', page: () => MyHomePage()),
        GetPage(name: '/second', page: () => Second()),
          name: '/third',
          page: () => Third(),
          transition: Transition.zoom  

The AutoRoute example uses MaterialApp.router() to set up the routerDelegate and routeInformationParser.

   final _appRouter = AppRouter()  
  Widget build(BuildContext context){  
      return MaterialApp.router(  
             routerDelegate: _appRouter.delegate(...initialConfig),  
             routeInformationParser: _appRouter.defaultRouteParser(),  

Here is how I set up the navigation according to Getx and AutoRoute:

void main() {

class Portfolio extends StatelessWidget {
  final _appRouter = AppRouter.Router();
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return GetMaterialApp.router(
      routerDelegate: _appRouter.delegate(),
      routeInformationParser: _appRouter.defaultRouteParser(),
      builder: (context, extendedNav) => Theme(
          data: ComplexReduxTheme.complexReduxLightTheme,
          child: extendedNav ?? Container(color:,

I am using GetMaterialApp.router which returns a GetMaterialApp. Despite this, I get the error "You are trying to use contextless navigation without a GetMaterialApp or Get.key.". I have tried setting up the navigator key and setting Get.testMode = true but nothing happens(no error) when I try to navigate to another screen.

Desired Result:
I should be able to navigate to the desired screen via Get.toNamed().

Current Result:
I get the following error from GetX when trying to navigate to another screen using Get.toNamed() : "You are trying to use contextless navigation without
a GetMaterialApp or Get.key.
If you are testing your app, you can use:
[Get.testMode = true], or if you are running your app on
a physical device or emulator, you must exchange your [MaterialApp]
for a [GetMaterialApp]."

AutoRoute Version: 2.2.0

Get Version: 4.1.4


You don’t need external routing plugin, GetX already did that for you, and if you want to navigate, just use Get.toNamed("/some-page") and it will show you the page you wanted. Same goes to nested route.

For Example

  name: '/third',
  page: () => Third(),
  transition: Transition.zoom,
  children: [
      name: '/child-of-third',
      page: () => ChildOfThird(),

// You access it like this

// And this one, for the nested page

The reason you got the error is when you use external routing plugin in GetX, it will generate their own code, with their own context in their own ecosystem. GetX doesn’t know which context does the plugin use since it was outside of its lifecycle.

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