How do I deploy an Angular-Dart web app


After using FileZilla to ftp the files to the website, my app just shows


…when trying to run from a chrome browser.

I have built and tested the app in Webstorm (2017.2.3)
Do I need to do anything else other than just copy the files from the build/web directory to my host? What about the build/lib directory?
If you want to see what is happening (or not, actually), take a look at:

Thanks for your help.


The file main.dart.js fails to load because of a comment at line 32071:

// "Document", so we check for the xmlVersion property, which is the empty

This is clearly shown in the examples at: which loads correctly, compared iwth which does not. The difference is that the first does not have the comment, whereas the second is the main.dart.js as generated by WebStorm.

I have logged a bug report:#30992 with the dart-sdk people.
Thanks to all for their kind help.

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