How do I create a dropdownList from Provider ? (Flutter)


I have created a city model, and have created a provider class for that,

class CityModel {
  String cityId;
  String cityName;

  CityModel({this.cityId, this.cityName});

This is the provider class

class CitiesProviders extends ChangeNotifier {
  List<CityModel> citiesData = [];

  void addData(CityModel data) {

  List<String> get cityNames {
    List<String> names = []; {
    return names;

I’m just looking to get the names of cities from the citiesData list and use that name list to create a dropdown.

      value: currVal,
      items: Provider.of<CitiesProviders>(context)
          .map<DropdownMenuItem<String>>((String value) {
        return DropdownMenuItem<String>(
          value: value,
          child: Text(value),
      onChanged: (value) {
        currVal = value;

But I’m not getting anything on the screen, also there is no error message. Am I doing everything correct ? Or is there a better way to do this ? Any suggestions and answers would help. Thank you!


My mistake!

List<String> get cityNames {
    List<String> names = []; {
    }).toList(); // Added here
    return name)s;

I added toList() and it’s working now.

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