How come "flutter create ." adds desktop support?


I created a Flutter project within Android Studio, and then later found out that Flutter supports desktop. After searching the web, I did things like switching to "dev", adding config for desktop, etc. But when I tried to ran it, I got "No Windows desktop project configured", even though I enabled the configuration.

The documentation page had

To add desktop support to an existing Flutter project, run the following command in a terminal from the root project directory:

flutter create .

This adds the necessary desktop files and directories to your existing Flutter project.

But what is the meaning of .? How come that . means "adding desktop support"?


The command to add desktop support are those one:

 flutter config --enable-windows-desktop
 flutter config --enable-macos-desktop
 flutter config --enable-linux-desktop

Once you used them, you change your flutter config.

Then, the usage of flutter create . simply mean "Create a new flutter project in my current folder".
If you’re already in a Flutter project, it will just "recreate" your project by adding the new support for Desktop since you specify in your flutter config.

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