How can I use variable of CubitState inside Cubit? Flutter/Bloc


so I don’t have any idea how to take argument from mine Cubit state which is AnswerPicked in this case, there is a code from states file.

part of 'answer_cubit.dart';

abstract class AnswerState extends Equatable {
  const AnswerState();

  List<Object> get props => [];

class AnswerInitial extends AnswerState {}

class AnswerPicked extends AnswerState {
  final String answer;
  String toString() => '{AnswerPicked: $answer}';

I want to use it in Cubit function right there:

part 'answer_state.dart';

class AnswerCubit extends Cubit<AnswerState> {
  final ExamScoreCubit scoreCubit;
    @required this.scoreCubit,
  }) : super(AnswerInitial());

  List<String> userAnswersList = [];

  void pickAnswer(String answer) {
    emit(AnswerPicked(answer: answer));

  void takeAnswer(String questionAnswer, int type) {
    if(state is AnswerPicked){
      userAnswersList.add(state.answer); // state.answer don't work
      scoreCubit.checkAnswer(AnswerPicked().answer, questionAnswer, type); // AnswerPicked().answer don't work

In void takeAnswer() I don’t want to pass it throw argument inside the widget tree using context. Any ideas how to do it?


userAnswersList.add((state as AnswerPicked) .answer); 

Answered By – Adnan Alshami

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