How can I perform filtering/searching school by writing the email address in flutter?


I would like to implement filtering/searching the university by typing its name like this picture below using flutter as a beginner. I would like it to auto-filter then display the school name even when I don’t type the whole email address. It is quite hard to find good examples for what I want to do. Does anyone know of good examples that implemented something like I want?

Thank you

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enter image description here


This a simple search in list items based on the text written. Below is the solution i use to search items in a list and update the list accordingly.

Assume you have a list of Emails.
List emails = []; A list which consist of emails from server/source

List emailsToShow = []; List of emails you update with every letter typed.

searchEmail(String typedLetters) {
if (typedLetters.length > 0) {

      .where((element) =>


Now call this function from onChanged method of TextField and show emailsToShow list in ListView/ListView.builder and you are good to go.

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