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I am new to flutter and in my previous Android app i could make easily any scrollable view inside another with the same direction, working both ways.

I wonder if it’s possible in flutter : in this case i have a simple GridView inside a PageView with the same direction (vertical).

I simply want to handle the case where the GridView can’t scroll (the top is reached) and let the parent (PageView) handle the gesture.

To precise a bit more, in my Android app i could use simply use the Google class NestedScrollableHost .

See my other answer to this topic in Android.

I would add that the answer to this question could work with any scrollable view inside another with the same direction.

Thanks !


For now there is an ongoing feature request in the Flutter repo about this.

I added one at the time of my question here, but the first one has more upvotes so if you are watching this answer, please go to the first link and upvote the issue

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