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I’m currently using the Flutter Geolocator Plugin to access user’s location (latitude/longitude), but it seems like it does not work for the web yet. I tried to find something to retrieve the user’s location in Flutter for web, but I couldn’t find it.

Has anyone already tried/found something to do the job?


To be able to retrieve the position for the web part I had to use to expose the JavaScript API and combine it with

So here how it looks like :

  1. First create a file (ex: locationJs.dart) to expose the JS function :

     @JS('navigator.geolocation') // navigator.geolocation namespace
     library jslocation; // library name can be whatever you want
     import "package:js/js.dart";
    @JS('getCurrentPosition') // Accessing method getCurrentPosition 
    from       Geolocation API
    external void getCurrentPosition(Function success(GeolocationPosition pos));
    class GeolocationCoordinates {
      external double get latitude;
      external double get longitude;
      external double get altitude;
      external double get accuracy;
      external double get altitudeAccuracy;
      external double get heading;
      external double get speed;
    external factory GeolocationCoordinates(
      {double latitude,
      double longitude,
      double altitude,
      double accuracy,
      double altitudeAccuracy,
      double heading,
      double speed});
    class GeolocationPosition {
    external GeolocationCoordinates get coords;
    external factory GeolocationPosition({GeolocationCoordinates 
  2. Call the newly created file

     import 'package:Shared/locationJs.dart';
      success(pos) {
         try {
           } catch (ex) {
            print("Exception thrown : " + ex.toString());
      _getCurrentLocation() {
          if (kIsWeb) {
            getCurrentPosition(allowInterop((pos) => success(pos)));

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