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Hi iam doing an app very in my app there is a map page so i implemented Google Maps and i have a issue i when i scroll the map i want to get the center points of the map that is if i scroll the map and i leave it then it gets the center points of the map so can any one can suggest to solve this issue it may be

helpful Thank you in advance..


I would get the bounds of the screen, and then find the center of those bounds. If you have a GoogleMapController for the GoogleMap, just use a function like this:

getCenter() async {
    LatLngBounds bounds = await mapsController.getVisibleRegion();
    LatLng center = LatLng(
      (bounds.northeast.latitude + bounds.southwest.latitude) / 2,
      (bounds.northeast.longitude + bounds.southwest.longitude) / 2,

    return center;

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