Flutter, "The method 'map' can't be unconditionally invoked because the receiver can be 'null'."


I am getting this error when I am trying to call the .map method on the snapshot.data. I am using an SQLite database.

The code throwing the error is the following:

                future: _alarms,
                builder: (context, snapshot)
                  return ListView(
                    children: snapshot.data.map<Widget>((alarms) {
                      return Container(

And I am creating the _alarms list in the initState method:

  void initState() {
    _alarmHelper.initializeDatabase().then((value) => print('------------dB initialized'));
    _alarms = _alarmHelper.getAlarm();

And the .getAlarm(), is defined so:

 Future<List<AlarmInfo>> getAlarm() async{
    var result;
    var db = await this.database;

      result = await db?.query(tableName);

     result.forEach((element) { 
      var alarmInfo  = AlarmInfo.fromMap(element);

      return alarms;

I have also tried adding a ?. operator, but then this returns another error which is the .map is not defined for the type object children: snapshot.data?.map<Widget>((alarms) {

Any help is appreciated and if you require any further information feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks 🙂


I assume it’s because you didn’t provide a type for the FutureBuilder widget, therefore snapshot.data is from type Object (instead of a list you are expecting there) and the map function does not exist for that.

It should be fixed by writing it like this:


Additionally since data might be null (but you checked it with snapshot.hasData you have to write:


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