Flutter TextFormField create a persistent text part inside the TextFromField


See the image for a clear explanation of what I would like to achieve.

The image


First of all I should say that there are many ways to achieve this.
For example,

it covers everything and contains three fields lined up side by side.

Container -> Row -> Icon, TextField or TextFormField and Text.

There will most likely be overflow issues. You can wrap items in the row as expanded.

      decoration: BoxDecoration(
          // color: const Color(0xFFF1F0FA),
          // border: Border.all(color: const Color(0xFF6C5CE7), width: 1)
      child: Row(
        children: [
          Expanded(child: Icon(Icons.business_center)),
            child: TextField(
                // ...
          Expanded(child: Text(".tickvent.com"))

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