Flutter & Shared Preferences: How do i save and read back a List<Object> using setStringList? Also, how do i remove a specific object from the List?


class Restaurant {
    required this.name,
    required this.description,
    required this.address,
    required this.imageUrl,

  Restaurant.fromJson(Map<String, Object?> json)
      : this(
          name: json['name']! as String,
          description: json['description']! as String,
          address: json['address']! as String,
          imageUrl: json['imageUrl'] as String,

  final String name;
  final String description;
  final String address;
  final String imageUrl;

  Map<String, Object?> toJson() {
    return {
      'name': name,
      'description': description,
      'address': address,
      'imageUrl': imageUrl,

I get the list of restaurants from Firebase and when the user clicks Favorite Icon, I want to save that restaurant locally and retrieve the list of favorite restaurants and show it on another page. I know I can do it on Firebase directly but for now, I want it saved locally.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you.


Like this

List<Restaurant> restaturants = [Restuarant(...),Restuarant(...)];
List<String> encodedRestaturants = restaturants.map((res)=>json.encode(res.toJson())).toList();

//to write

//to read
List<String> decodedRestaturantsString = prefs.getStringList("restaturants");
List<Restaurant> decodedRestaturants = decodedRestaturantsString.map((res)=>Restaturant.fromJson(json.decode(res))).toList();

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