Flutter rxDart BehaviorSubject looses error message


I have a TextField within StreamBuilder that listens to BehaviorSubject stream. When snapshot has error, the errorText displays it.

The problem is when TextField is scrolled out of visible area and scrolled back in the StreamBuilder rebuilds but error text is gone because this time snapshot.hasError is false.

How to maintain the error?


You might want to store the error in a String variable of you StatefulWidget.
Once you are ready to clear the error (f.ex. a user presses a clear button) you simple set this variable to null.

String errorMsg;

  stream: myStream,
  builder: (BuildContext context, snapshot) {

    if (snapshot.hasError) {
      errorMsg = snapshot.error.toString();

    if (errorMsg != null) {
      return Text(errorMsg);

    return new Text(

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