Flutter plugin that uses .aar modules builds and runs fine in the example app but fails to build in a different app


I’ve written a Flutter plugin to use an SDK that requires the inclusion of some .aar modules. It builds and runs perfectly in the example app for the plugin, but when I import the plugin in a different app and try to build it, the build immediately fails with a message saying that one of the .aar modules could not be found in the plugin. This makes no sense because the module is definitely there – the platform channels to use the SDK would fail in the example app if the module wasn’t there.

Why would the example app build and run without any problems but a different app won’t? The only thing I can think of is that I import the plugin from path in my pubspec but it seems unlikely to me that this is the culprit.

Any advice or assistance here would be appreciated. TIA!


I got it!!!!

The answer is as found here: How to add .aar dependency in library module?

The way this adapts to a Flutter plugin is as follows:

  1. Add a libs folder at the root of the android project in the plugin. Add the .aar files there.
  2. In the plugin’s build.gradle file, update rootProject.allProjects to look as follows:
    repositories {
        flatDir {
            dirs 'libs'
            dirs project(':your_plugin_name_here').file('libs')
  1. Still in the same build.gradle, add your .aar file(s) as dependencies as follows:
implementation(name:'aar_name_here', ext:'aar')
  1. In the Flutter app that you want to use the plugin for, open the app-level build.gradle file and add the plugin itself as a dependency, like so:
android {
    dependencies {
        implementation project(':your_flutter_plugin');
  1. In the settings.gradle file for the app that us using the plugin, change
include ':app'


include ':app', ':your_flutter_plugin'

And this should do it!!

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