Flutter Local Notifications Plugin: createNotificationChannel function not working


I am trying to create an android notification channel with flutter_local_notifications: ^5.0.0+4
Put it looks like it does not work as should be.

I wrote a code using getNotificationChannels to verify if the channel was created successfully

Please take a look to my code

    Future<void> _getNotificationChannels() async {

    await flutterLocalNotificationsPlugin.resolvePlatformSpecificImplementation<
      'high_importance_channel', // id
      'High Importance Notifications', // title
      'This channel is used for important notifications', // description
      importance: Importance.max,

    final Widget notificationChannelsDialogContent =
        await _getNotificationChannelsDialogContent();
    await showDialog<void>(
      context: context,
      builder: (BuildContext context) => AlertDialog(
        content: notificationChannelsDialogContent,
        actions: <Widget>[
            onPressed: () {
            child: const Text('OK'),

  Future<Widget> _getNotificationChannelsDialogContent() async {
    try {
      final List<AndroidNotificationChannel>? channels =
          await flutterLocalNotificationsPlugin

      return Container(
        width: double.maxFinite,
        child: ListView(
          children: <Widget>[
            const Text(
              'Notifications Channels',
              style: TextStyle(fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),
            const Divider(color: Colors.black),
            if (channels?.isEmpty ?? true)
              const Text('No notification channels')
              for (AndroidNotificationChannel channel in channels!)
                  crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.start,
                  children: <Widget>[
                    Text('id: ${channel.id}\n'
                        'name: ${channel.name}\n'
                        'description: ${channel.description}\n'
                        'groupId: ${channel.groupId}\n'
                        'importance: ${channel.importance.value}\n'
                        'playSound: ${channel.playSound}\n'
                        'sound: ${channel.sound?.sound}\n'
                        'enableVibration: ${channel.enableVibration}\n'
                        'vibrationPattern: ${channel.vibrationPattern}\n'
                        'showBadge: ${channel.showBadge}\n'
                        'enableLights: ${channel.enableLights}\n'
                        'ledColor: ${channel.ledColor}\n'),
                    const Divider(color: Colors.black),
    } on PlatformException catch (error) {
      return Text(
        'Error calling "getNotificationChannels"\n'
        'code: ${error.code}\n'
        'message: ${error.message}',

As you can see I am using createNotificationChannel to create a notifications channel then I am using getNotificationChannels to see if the channel was created successfully.

I am getting always "No notification channels" as a result in the dialog.
I do not know what is wrong with my code,

Thanks for your help


The problem was the Android version that I am using for testing,
Notification channels is a concept that is specific Android 8 or newer, which is why the API docs state that the method to create channels is only for those versions of Android

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