Flutter: How to remove the divider lines in CupertinoDatePicker?


This view is achieved by creating custom CupertinoDatePicker

While doing a coding walkthrough, I’ve never find a way to get rid of the divider lines.
How can I achieve this? For more info, I just created a new custom class by just copying the CupertinoDatePicker class.


Since you copied the CupertinoDatePicker class just remove the border in the _buildMagnifierScreen() method in picker.dart from /src/cupertino/

/// Draws the magnifier borders.
  Widget _buildMagnifierScreen() {
    final Color resolvedBorderColor = CupertinoDynamicColor.resolve(_kHighlighterBorder, context);

    return IgnorePointer(
      child: Center(
        child: Container(
          decoration: BoxDecoration(
            // remove this attribute
            border: Border(
              top: BorderSide(width: 0.0, color: resolvedBorderColor),
              bottom: BorderSide(width: 0.0, color: resolvedBorderColor),
          constraints: BoxConstraints.expand(
            height: widget.itemExtent * widget.magnification,

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