Flutter: How to implement FlutterError.OnError correctly


Can someone show me how to implement overriding flutter errors during widget test so I can check for my own custom errors.

I have seen snippets online mentioning this but all of my implementations fail

void main() {

  testWidgets('throws an error when scanning unknown term types', (WidgetTester tester) async {
    await tester.pumpWidget(injectTestWidget(new ItemScanScreen()));

    await tester.enterText(find.byKey(new Key('term')), '');
    await tester.tap(find.byIcon(Icons.send));
    await tester.pump();

      reason: 'should have thrown an UnrecognizedTermException error but didn\'t',

the code above fails with the message below even though it looks like it in fact ‘caught’ my error:

The following UnrecognizedTermException was thrown running a test:
Instance of 'UnrecognizedTermException'

I read that you could do something like the snippet below but it did not see how/where to implement it:

final errorHandled = expectAsync0((){});

FlutterError.onError = (errorDetails) {
  // handle error


This is was design for a test. I switched to wrapping logic in try/catch then running expect() on the “error message text” present concept. ex:

try {
   throw new UnrecognizedTermException();
 } catch (e) {
   setState(() => _status = e.errMsg());

// then in my test
expect(find.text('Could not determine the type of item you scanned'), findsOneWidget);

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