Flutter FutureBuilder widget not responding to Future resolution when chaining Futures with await


I am using a flutter widget’s initState() method to create two future ints; delayed which is a simple Future.delay, and delayedAwaited, which awaits on the delayed variable and doubles its value. The build() method includes two FutureBuilders, one for each future. See example code below:

class FutureTest extends StatefulWidget {
  _FutureTestState createState() => _FutureTestState();

class _FutureTestState extends State<FutureTest> {
  Future<int>? delayed;
  Future<int>? delayedAwaited;

  void initState() {

  void initFutures() async {
    delayed = Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 2), () => 5);
    delayedAwaited = Future.value((await delayed)! * 2);

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Column(
      mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.min,
      children: [
          future: delayed,
          builder: (context, snapshot) => Text('delayed: ${snapshot.data}'),
          future: delayedAwaited,
          builder: (context, snapshot) => Text('awaited: ${snapshot.data}'),

Here is the problem: The UI only updates for delayed and not delayedAwaited (it remains as null). The UI is updated to reflect the true value when manually hot-reloading, so the future is resolving correctly, but Flutter is just not triggering the FutureBuilder to rebuild. My expectation would be that the UI updates for delayAwaited as well.

See the behavior here: https://dartpad.dev/62b272db200ca39ed854be5a7183967d?null_safety=true

For some reason, changing initFutures() so it uses Future.delayed for both futures fixes the issue, as shown here: https://dartpad.dev/9b386a45428046b193800351a4ade5b1?null_safety=true

Is anyone able to explain why the given code works like this, and what is best practice for achieving what I am trying to do.


You can do it this way since you mentioned in the comments that you want to use async/await only:

 void initFutures() {
    delayed = fordelayed();
    delayedAwaited = fordelayedAwaited();
  Future<int> fordelayed() async {
      return await Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 2), () => 5);
  Future<int> fordelayedAwaited() async {
      int fromdelayed = await fordelayed();
      return fromdelayed * 2;

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