Flutter Error: No named parameter with the name 'displayLarge'


I am working on an app, I posted last update on git 2 days ago and haven’t touched the code since. Now, I opened android studio and it was giving me this error when I tried to run it… I tried deleting repository from my computer and then cloning it again but it didn’t work. I have also tried searching for similar problems, and found out there was a similar problem with speed-dial package and one comment said something about broken package versions. Anyways, this is the error I am getting after I try running my app:

enter image description here

These are first few lines of the error it’s giving me, but there is more than a thousand lines following these.

I also tried running flutter doctor and it gave me the following:

enter image description here


Well, i don’t know if you have tried this, but this problem is described here: issue219

In summary you have to use google_fonts v2.3 for Flutter v2.1 or grater.

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