Flutter error : Failure to access data inside a snapshot fetched from Firebase Firestore


Using Flutter 3.3.9, I fetch a record from my Firestore database using a Streambuilder. I use the following code segment to do this:

                stream: FirebaseFirestore.instance
                builder: (context, snapshot) {
                  if (snapshot.connectionState == ConnectionState.waiting) {
                    return Text('Loading...');
                  return Text(
                    snapshot.data!.doc['username'], // This line is marked as error bexcause "doc" is illegal.

The snapshot.data!.doc['username'] gives the following error:

The getter ‘doc’ isn’t defined for the type ‘Object’.

I verified that the ‘Object’ is of type "AsyncSnapshot" (=snapshot.runtimeType). It looks like the only getters available for the snapshot.data are hashCode, runtimeType, toString(), and noSuchMethod(..).

I tried


But this does not work either. The error is "The expression doesn’t evaluate to a function, so it can’t be invoked"

I was able to access the data without using the StreamBuilder. The following works:

                  final docRef = FirebaseFirestore.instance

                    (DocumentSnapshot doc) {
                      final data = doc.data() as Map<String, dynamic>;
                    onError: (e) => print("Error getting document: $e"),


you have two mistakes, in your piece of code, you should specify the type of the AsyncSnapshot, like this:

 StreamBuilder<DocumentSnapshot>( // Specified type
                stream: FirebaseFirestore.instance
                builder: (context, AsyncSnapshot<DocumentSnapshot>  snapshot) { //Specified type

now using snapshot.data!, it should be a DocumentSnapshot type, and as I see, that you’re trying to get the data of that document so you need also to change this line:


to this:

(snapshot.data!.data() as Map<String, dynamic>)['username'],

now it will access the username field properly.

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