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I know that it is possible to create a cross-platform app (mac, pc, Linux) with flutter, so I ask if it is possible to monitor if a file is changed in a directory, I’d like to find a solution without go-flutter but with flutter desktop.
To create flutter desktop app I read this article https://medium.com/flutter-community/flutter-for-desktop-create-and-run-a-desktop-application-ebeb1604f1e0 that AFAIK is different from go-flutter.

infact I’d like to build an app which copies all file changed and visualize into a list.


Desktop Flutter applications have full access to the standard Dart libraries; does FileSystemEntity.watch not do what you want?

If you need more than what that provides you could potentially write a plugin, but from the documentation it’s not clear that you’d be able to find better native APIs than what that already wraps.

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