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I’m using the Sleek_circular_Slider and was wondering if there is a way of changing the value/position of the slider from an external button press? I cant seem to see the value that it would be setting to change it.

Widget controlIndicator() {
    return SleekCircularSlider(
        min: 0,
        max: 100,
        initialValue: 4,
        innerWidget: (value) {
          return sliderCenterWidget();
        appearance: CircularSliderAppearance(
            spinnerMode: false,
            animationEnabled: true,
            size: 250,
            customColors: CustomSliderColors(
                dotColor: dark_grey,
                shadowColor: dark_grey,
                shadowMaxOpacity: 0.2,
                shadowStep: 5,
                progressBarColor: red,
                trackColor: grey),
            customWidths: CustomSliderWidths(
                trackWidth: 7, progressBarWidth: 12, handlerSize: 8)),
        onChange: (value) {
          slider_value = value.round();


did you try to set the initialValue as a variable? then change this var value on button press

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