Dart's pub get command can't find latest versions of some dependencies


I’ve noticed on a few occasions that when I setup some dependencies in my pubspec.yaml pointing to the latest version, they aren’t found when I run pub get.

For instance, the dependency source_gen. The latest version of source_gen is clearly 0.5.0+1. So I’ll setup my pubspec.yaml file as follows:

  source_gen: "^0.5.0+1"

Then I run pub get, and I get the following error:

Resolving dependencies...
Package source_gen has no versions that match >=0.5.0+1 <0.6.0 derived from:
- ServerErrors depends on version ^0.5.0+1

I tried several of the most recent versions, without much luck. Finally if I do the following:

  source_gen: any

and then run pub get, source_gen version 0.4.7 is installed. I’m not sure I understand why. I’m using the dart sdk version 1.16.0. This is the second dependency I’ve had this issue with and I’m a little confused.

EDIT: As requested by Gunter, the full list of my dependencies:

  http: "^0.11.3+7"
  dartson: "^0.2.5"
  intl: "^0.12.7+1"
  mailer: "^1.0.0"


That’s a known issue of pub. This means pub just wasn’t able to resolve a compatible set of dependencies. Unfortunately the error message is misleading.
pub also prints the same error when one of the dependencies isn’t compatible with the used Dart SDK version.

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