DART passing parameter to SelectElement / OptionElement


I made this as OptionElement in DART, which was fine:

   var source = new SelectElement()
             ..children.add(new OptionElement(value: 'vCode', data:'myVendor Name'));

I want to take my vendor list as call back from the server, and put then in the select option so the user can select the vendor code/name, I made the returned Map from the server as {"code":"vCode","name":"myVendor Name"}, and wanted to add them using a loop, I tried the below but did not work::

var vendor = <Map>[];   

for(int i=0;i<=number_of_vendors;i++){
     var source = new SelectElement()
             ..children.add(new OptionElement(value: vendor[i]['code'], data: vendor[i]['name']));

any though?


This can’t work

var source = new SelectElement()
         ..children.add(new OptionElement(value: "$vendor['code']", data:"$vendor['name']"));

you can do either

var source = new SelectElement()
..children.add(new OptionElement(value: vendor[‘code’], data:vendor[‘name’]));

if vendor['code'] and vendor['name'] return a string or

var source = new SelectElement()
..children.add(new OptionElement(value: “${vendor[‘code’]}”, data:”${vendor[‘name’]}”));

When after the $ comes a simple identifier you can omit the curly braces, if it is an expression you need to add them.

Update – the code actually used provided by @Hasan A Yousef

Below code should work fine.

   var vendors = <Map>[];


       vendors=[{"code":"vCode1","name":"myVendor Name1"},{"code":"vCode2","name":"myVendor Name2"}];


       vendors.add({"code":"vCode 1","name":"vName 1"}); 
       vendors.add({"code":"vCode 2","name":"vName 2"});
       vendors.add({"code":"vCode 3","name":"vName 3"}); 
       vendors.add({"code":"vCode 4","name":"vName 4"});

followed by:

   for(int i=0;i<vendors.length;i++){
       source..children.add(new OptionElement(value: vendors[i]['code'], data: vendors[i]['name']));

or by:

  for(Map vendor in vendors){
    source..children.add(new OptionElement(value: vendor['code'], data: vendor['name']));

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