Dart ignore dependency?


How can I ignore a dependency in a project?

My project setting is:

Project A: depends on Angular2 & depends on Foundation

Project Foundation: depends on Redstone_mapper_mongo

The problem is I want to use angular2 in my Project A which depends on my Project Foundation. However the Project Foundation uses the redstone mapper mongo but angular2 and redstone mapper mongo dont work together.


So in my foundation is something like this. Can I just ignore these @Field(), @NotEmpty and the import somehow in Project A? So that angular works just fine in Project A? Therefore redstone mapper mongo shouldn’t be loaded in Project A. But how can I do this?

import 'package:redstone_mapper/mapper.dart';

class Address {
  String street;

  String city;


I have these dependencies in my project A now. I added
code_transformers: ^0.5.1

Project A pubspec.yaml

      angular: "^4.0.0+2"
      angular_forms: "^1.0.0"
         path: ../foundation
        code_transformers: ^0.5.1

      angular_test: ^1.0.0
      browser: ^0.10.0
      dart_to_js_script_rewriter: ^1.0.1
      test: ^0.12.30

    - angular:
        - web/main.dart
        - test/**_test.dart
    - test/pub_serve:
        $include: test/**_test.dart
    - dart_to_js_script_rewriter

Fondation pubspec.yaml

  intl: "^0.15.2"
  http: "^0.11.3+16"
  great_circle_distance: "^1.0.1"
  redstone_mapper_mongo: "0.2.0-beta.1"
  jaguar_serializer: "^0.5.1"

  browser: "^0.10.0+2"
  dart_to_js_script_rewriter: "^1.0.3"

  - dart_to_js_script_rewriter


In the fondation project I added a local dependency of my own empty implementation

   path: ../redstone_mapper_mongo

And in this empty implementation the Field and NotEmpty annotations are just declared.

library redstone_mapper;

class Field {
  const Field();

class NotEmpty {
  const NotEmpty();

Like this it is possible now that Project A uses the local variant and Angular2 without any issues. And without creating a second world of model objects.

I used the dependency_overrides in my project B with the real version of redstone_mapper_mongo and so the annotations @Field and @Empty are using the real implementation of the redstone_mapper_mongo. And everything works fine now.

   redstone_mapper_mongo: "0.2.0-beta.1" 

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