compiled dart code not running in IE 10 and IE 11


I am having trouble with a small dart app which runs perfectly fine in Chrome and Firefox and… guess what…. not in IE 10 and 11 (Project Spartan in Win10 Preview works!).

It is a simple UI controll logic like so:

//init elements
SelectElement studyList = querySelector('#studies');
SelectElement roleList = querySelector('#roles');
SelectElement siteList = querySelector('#sites');
ButtonElement createButton = querySelector('#create');

//Kick in the UI logic

//UI logic
_populateStudies() {
  for (var study in studies) {
    OptionElement option = new OptionElement();
    option.text = study;
  for (OptionElement element in studyList.children) {
    throw new Exception("ADDING_HANDLER");

//the following is executed, handler seems to get attached


//Never executed in IE from here on

_studyClickHandler(Event e) {

  List<String> roles = context.getRolesFor(studyList.selectedOptions[0].text);
  for (var role in roles) {
    OptionElement option = new OptionElement();
    option.text = role;
  for (OptionElement element in roleList.children) {

In IE the second selection box stays empty.
Chrome and Firefox handle the code as expected, populating the box’s children according to the element selected in the first selection box.
I have no idea what the problem is… I refactored the handlers to be anonymous functions

  handle stuff

Console shows no errors at all.
Maybe there is an easy solution for it but I am relatively new to dart and can’t figure it out?


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I guess the click handler registration is not supported on <option> in the browsers you mention. Alternatively you can register your callback on the SelectElement.onChange and retrieve the selected with something like :

import 'dart:html';
void main() {
  SelectElement select = querySelector('select');
  select.onChange.listen((_) {
    final opt = select.options[select.selectedIndex];

You can try it on DartPad with those browsers.

Answered By – Alexandre Ardhuin

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