Closed – Is it possible to have nextPage() animation in less than 1 second?


I am creating a PageView section and it has around 5 – 10 children. I tried to make buttons to control the page flow. But I found the duration of the animation is a bit awkward.

    icon: const Icon(Icons.arrow_back_ios_new_rounded),
    onPressed: () {
            duration: Duration(seconds:1), 
            curve: Curves.easeIn

The smallest unit in Duration class is seconds and I found 1 second is still too long for me.
Is there any way to further shorten the duration of the animation? Thanks.

In flutter it actually has a smaller unit called milliSeconds.


you can put it this way

        duration: Duration(milliseconds: 200), 
        curve: Curves.easeIn

now it would take 0.2 secs to go next page

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