Chrome not showing up in vscode. Manjaro Linux


i’m on Manjaro. i’ve install google-chrome from AUR and it shows up in flutter doctor , flutter devices when executed from terminal. the problem is when i run flutter doctor from vscode it says

[✗] Chrome – develop for the web (Cannot find chrome executable at google-chrome)
! Cannot find Chrome. Try setting CHROME_EXECUTABLE to a Chrome executable.


First you need to switch master channel

flutter channel master

Then run

flutter upgrade

Enable Web support by running

flutter config --enable-web

Find installation path of chrome by running

which chrome

set an Environment variable to chrome’s installation path.
If your installed using AUR it will in /opt/google/chrome/chrome

export CHROME_EXECUTABLE=/opt/google/chrome/chrome

Finally run

flutter devices

You can see chrome as a connected device.

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