cannot resolve class name 'InvocationMirror' in Dart


I’ve been trying to use Dart’s noSuchMethod(), but this code

noSuchMethod(InvocationMirror invocation) {
  // ...

results in the following error: cannot resolve class name 'InvocationMirror' from 'MyClass'

It looks like there’s no such class as InvocationMirror. Could it be an older version of dart which doesn’t have it? The one I have is the stable one from SDK for Mac downloaded just today.


You’re observing an inconsistency between specification and implementation (which shouldn’t come as a surprise, there are a lot of them). You can use noSuchMethod, at least on Dart VM (don’t know about dart2js), but it looks like this: noSuchMethod(String name, List arguments). In the future, when reflection finally comes to Dart, it will change.

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