Best way to get model associated with a core-item element?


Consider this Polymer fragment:

<core-menu on-core-activate="{{selectUser}}">
  <template repeat="{{user in users}}">
    <core-item label="{{}}"></core-item>

When a user clicks on a core-item element and triggers selectUser, how do I determine what user is associated with the activated core-item? I’d like to get an instance to the actual object, and not some stringified identifier that I would use to look up the object.


Polymer >= 1.0.0

void someClickHandler(dom.Event event, [_]) {
  // for native events (like on-click)
  var model = new DomRepeatModel.fromEvent(event);
  // or for custom events (like on-tap, works also for native events)
  var model = new DomRepeatModel.fromEvent(convertToJs(event));
  var value = model.jsElement['items']; 
  // or 
  var value = model.jsElement[$['mylist'].attributes['as']];
  // if you used the `as="somename"` 
  // in your <core-list> or <template is="dom-repeat">

There is an open issue related to custom events:

Polymer <= 0.16.0

In the click handler

import 'package:template_binding/template_binding.dart' as tb;


void onClick(MouseEvent e) {
  tb.TemplateInstance ti = tb.nodeBind(; 
  var value = ti.model.value as Inner;

see In Polymer.js children of a template have a reference to the template, how can this be done in Polymer.dart for more details.

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