Assigning a variable value to a paper-item


I’m trying to assign a object id to a list item so that I can look it up when it’s selected. There is an example here that uses a literal. It also works for me. This code doesn’t set the value:

<paper-dropdown-menu label="Style">
  <paper-listbox class="dropdown-content" attr-for-selected="value" selected="2">
    <paper-item *ngFor="let style of styles" value="{{ }}">
        {{ }}

If I code value="1" or value="test", it appears when I inspect in the browser. If it’s set as above, nothing appears, not even an empty value. I’ve also tried creating String test=1; in the Angular component and using value="{{ test }}". It also does not appear.


If this doesn’t work, then it might be a timing issue:


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