Angular Dart build fails after upgrade Dart


I keep getting below error after I upgrade my Dart SDK. It seems webdev package has been upgraded from version 2.0.5 to 2.0.6. However I can’t run my project now,

"G:\Program Files\Dart\dart-sdk\bin\pub.bat" global run webdev build --output=web:build
webdev could not run for this project.
This version of webdev does not support the `build_daemon` protocol used by your version of `build_runner`.
Please add a dev dependency on `build_daemon` with constraint: >=1.0.0 <2.0.0
Process finished with exit code 78

I tried by following error messages hints but couldn’t help!

And then, I generate a new project using Dart’s project generator called stagehand, same there.


I went through this last night. Had to deactivate webdev

pub global deactivate webdev

Then activate with a specific version (2.0.1 in my case)

pub global activate webdev 2.0.1

I didn’t try a different version as 2.0.1 was giving success and I wanted to get through completing my sample app. There are some interesting reads about how 2.0.6 was supposed to fix some things, but it’s requiring build_daemon version 1 whereas the default Angular dart sample I was using was requiring 0.5.0.

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