Android Studio Update Fails


Just got the new Android Studio but it won’t connect for updates. When I go to Help>Check for Updates… I get a pop-up sayin:

Connection failed. Please check your network connection and try again.

  • I tried changing my network settings around (Static/DHCP).
  • I tried “Auto-Detect Proxy settings”.
  • I tried Adding “studio.exe” to my inbound/outbound rules of windows
    firewall, I also have “Java(TM) Platform SE binary” added (The VM
    running Idea).
  • I tried looking around my hosts file to see if I messed something up
    in there.

I run normal IDEA and my updates connect, but obviously tells me there is no new updates.
Has anyone else run into this problem or found a solution to this? My colleagues at work here did not have this problem at all, only the “JAVA_HOME” issue on one of my colleagues’ machines.


Looks like it is a bug in Android Studio. Others are having the same problem, check out here and here. It’s worth remembering that v0.1 is an Early Access Preview as described on the official Android web site.

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