Android Studio Flutter errors after updating


Yesterday I updated flutter from the command line. Then dart as well (I was prompted). After that all of my classes that have String in them appear to have errors (String isn’t a type -of course I do import dart-core but nothing happens).

enter image description here

Flutter doctor gives this error

enter image description here

event though they seem to be installed

enter image description here

I ‘ve seen the following but nothing helps

Flutter plugin not installed error;. When running flutter doctor

Android Studio flutter and dart plugins not recognized by flutter doctor , but plugins are installed

I ‘m on stable channel, Android Studio 4.1. I have tried everything found in here (flutter pub get, upgrade, clean etc, Android Studio’s invalidate cache, but still the same. I can work from the command line, but that is not a solution.

Any ideas?
Thank you very much!


Try this,

go to setting
and check your dart sdk path.
enter image description here

after set or check your path.
if its wrong. set right path and then
Enable dart support module for your project.
after this click on apply.

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