Android 14 dialog gray scrim disappears


I recently tried the Android 14 emulator (API Level 34) and verified how dialogs look like on the new OS.

At first sight I noted that the dialog’s scrim (used to be dark transparent gray) disappeared.

See for instance here (on the left Android 14 and on the right Android 13)

enter image description here

The strange thing is that, when taking a screenshot on the Android 14 emulator

adb shell screencap -p filename

the dark scrim is included.

Anyone out there has a clue on why this is happening?

With other emulators (different API levels), everything works as expected.


I have the same problem on the emulator. But the dim shows again when I "Disable HW overlays" in the Developer options.

enter image description here

I have tested on the real device with Android 14 and only the emulator does not show dim.

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