ambiguous column name with flutter moor


I have the following structure:

import 'package:moor_flutter/moor_flutter.dart';
export 'package:moor_flutter/moor_flutter.dart' show Value;

part 'moor_database.g.dart';

class Stories extends Table {
  IntColumn get id => integer().autoIncrement()();
  TextColumn get title => text().withLength(max: 20).nullable()();
  TextColumn get storyText => text().nullable()();
  TextColumn get feeling => text().withLength(max: 1).nullable()();
  DateTimeColumn get date => dateTime()();
  DateTimeColumn get createdAt => dateTime()();

class Images extends Table {
  IntColumn get id => integer().autoIncrement()();
  IntColumn get storyId =>
      integer().nullable().customConstraint('NULL REFERENCES stories(id)')();
  TextColumn get path => text()();

class CompleteStory {
  final Story story;
  final List<Image> images;


@UseMoor(tables: [Stories, Images], daos: [StoryDao, ImageDao])
class AppDatabase extends _$AppDatabase {
      : super(FlutterQueryExecutor.inDatabaseFolder(
          path: 'db.sqlite',
          logStatements: true,

  int get schemaVersion => 2;

  MigrationStrategy get migration {
    return MigrationStrategy(
      beforeOpen: (details) async {
        await customStatement('PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON');

@UseDao(tables: [Stories, Images])
class StoryDao extends DatabaseAccessor<AppDatabase> with _$StoryDaoMixin {
  final AppDatabase db;

  StoryDao(this.db) : super(db);

  Future<List<Story>> getAllStories() => select(stories).get();

  Stream<List<CompleteStory>> watchAllStories() {
    return (select(stories)
            (s) => OrderingTerm(expression:, mode: OrderingMode.asc),
        .map((rows) {
          final groupedData = <Story, List<Image>>{};

          for (final row in rows) {
            final story = row.readTable(stories);
            final image = row.readTable(images);

            final list = groupedData.putIfAbsent(story, () => []);
            if (image != null) list.add(image);


          return [
            for (final entry in groupedData.entries)
              CompleteStory(story: entry.key, images: entry.value)

  Future insertStory(Insertable<Story> story) => into(stories).insert(story);
  Future updateStory(Insertable<Story> story) => update(stories).replace(story);
  Future deleteStory(Insertable<Story> story) => delete(stories).delete(story);

@UseDao(tables: [Images])
class ImageDao extends DatabaseAccessor<AppDatabase> with _$ImageDaoMixin {
  final AppDatabase db;

  ImageDao(this.db) : super(db);

  Stream<List<Image>> watchImages() => select(images).watch();
  Future insertImage(Insertable<Image> image) => into(images).insert(image);

But when I try to use on my streamBulder it never reaches the snap.hasData, my guess it’s because of the following warning I get on terminal:

E/SQLiteLog( 7229): (1) ambiguous column name:

I tried removing the app, didn’t work.


I needed to invert the join terms, using the select stories on the right side:


Answered By – Felipe Augusto

Answer Checked By – Terry (FlutterFixes Volunteer)

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