after subsequent clicks, paper-dropwn-menu list items seem to be crunched up


I recreated the top item from the DropDown demos, at

The only thing different I did was replace the strings with “Internal”and “External”. It seemed that when the DDL is rendered on the screen, the first time it works correctly when it is clicked, but then subsequent times, it is made really small with a scroll bar that you cant really see.

You can see what the form looks like first, what it looks like when i click on it the first time…. and what i click on it the second time respectively.

What the form looks like.  Type is the DDL
Looks fine after the first click.
Looking all jacked up.


To resolve this issues, there isTo resolve this issue, there is an attribute called: no-animations you can add to the paper-dropdwon-menu which will stop animations and cause it to render correctly.

based on Polymer styling, you can say either just: no-animations or no-animations="true"

<paper-dropdown-menu no-animations="true">

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