Adding distinct to a flutter moor query


I have the following flutter moor query

(select(recipeGarnishes)..where((tbl) => tbl.postGarnish.equals(true))).get();

How would I add the distinct condition to the query?

The query I want to write is:

select DISTINCT garnishName from RecipeGarnishes where postGarnish = 'true'

garnishName and postGarnish are columns in my RecipeGarnishes table

Update 2:

Based on the answer, I tried this.

final query = selectOnly(recipeGarnishes, distinct: true)
List<TypedResult> result = await query.get();

return => row.readTable(recipeGarnishes)).toList();

But it gives me the following error

Moor: Sent SELECT DISTINCT recipe_garnishes.garnish_name AS "recipe_garnishes.garnish_name" FROM recipe_garnishes WHERE recipe_garnishes.post_garnish = ?; with args [1]

[ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/] Unhandled Exception: NoSuchMethodError: The getter ‘garnishName’ was called on null.


The query itself is correct, but you can’t read the result like that: row.readTable would return a full row with all columns. However, you only select a single column (garnishName), so moor can’t load the row and returns null instead.

You can use

final query = selectOnly(recipeGarnishes, distinct: true)

return =>;

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