Accessing the length of QueryList inside an Angular2 template


I have an Angular template that gets children passed to it using:

@ContentChildren(Item) QueryList<Item> items;

Inside the template, these items are placed in a table, firstly used in the table head to display headers:

        <table class="table nomargin table-hover">
                <th *ngFor="let item of items" ngClass="{{item.classes}}">

… which works as expected. While the content is loading, I have a loading gif that spans all the columns displaying a loading gif, I want this loading gif to span the number of columns specified in items

This is what I’ve tried so far:

            <tr *ngIf="display.loading">
                <td class="text-center ajax-loader" [attr.colspan]="{{items?.toArray().length}}" >
                    <br />
                    <img src="../img/ajax-loader-4.gif"/>
                    <br />
                    <br />
                    Loading ...
                    <br />
                    <br />

and it’s failing with:

An error occurred loading file:

As soon as I remove [attr.colspan]="{{items?.toArray().length}}", the error goes away again. Same error for [attr.colspan]="{{items?.length}}".

items does have a length property so toArray is probably not needed.

In the pub output I’m seeing:

[web] GET
packages/______/components/table-component.ngfactory.dart →
Could not find asset

If I just do colspan="{{items?.length}}" it just gets ignored.

Am I missing some directive? This is what I currently have:

    directives: const [NgFor, NgIf, NgClass],

What is the right way to make use of the length of items in an attribute in an angular2 template?



@View() annotation was removed in beta.11 already.

Just move the parameters to @Component(...) instead.


If you add

  - angular2/transform/codegen:
      platform_directives: 'package:angular2/src/common/directives.dart#CORE_DIRECTIVES'

to your pubspec.yaml then you don’t need to add these directives explicitely

    directives: const [NgFor, NgIf, NgClass],`

[] and {{}}

[] is for object binding, {{}} is for string binding. Both together is invalid.

Supported is either




while the 2nd assigns the result of items?.length.toString()

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